Research About The Cheesecake Factory Performance Business And Finance Homework Help

Basically you did a research about The Cheesecake factory performance in the business world and it was so perfect for now my assignment is to do a report about it. 

here is a sample of the report …


Basic Report Format


The context for and boundariesof the subject of the report.


The purpose of the report, oftencombined with the company’s or audience’s goals (when appropriate).


Overview of primary andsecondary research. Often includes company background (when appropriate). Alsoincludes an explanation of why particular sources were used.


The analysis of thesituation, based on the research described in the methodology. Interpretations,projections, insight.


Response to the outcomes ofthe analysis. Suggestion to solve problem or address existing situations and/orfuture outcomes.

Business Impact 

Short and long term effectsof the recommendation if adopted. Costs and benefits, outlay and inflow.


  Highlightskey concepts and points from the entire report.



APA citation style listing of all secondaryresearch sources used to complete the report.


Your Task is to do only the Findings and Recommendations part.

Try to write about what you wrote the past paper. 

remember your task is only doing the Findings and Recommendations parts. Based on the research you did in the last paper. 

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