Researching Big Data Accounting Homework Help

you willbe researching “Big Data.”  The idea ofbig data has seen huge growth over the past several years, and I want you to befamiliar with it.  For this assignment,you will be required to gain an understanding of big data utilizing at leastone article found either online or in a publication and write a paper thatincludes the sections noted below.

· Individual Writing Assignment 2 should beorganized to include the following sections:

o  Definebig data and how it relates to business and accounting.

o  Summaryof the article (or articles) selected.

o  Whatare the strengths and opportunities?

o  Whatare the weaknesses and challenges?

o  Howdoes this relate to accounting and accounting information systems?

o  Citationsfor any direct quotes used in your paper and proper referencing of yourarticle(s).

· Individual Writing Assignment 2 should be atleast 1-2 pages single spaced and  mustcover the topics noted above for full credit.

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