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Ok, so here’s the dilemma…I need a MSA expert to please help with this MSA Capstone Research Paper. It’s very difficult and I need the best help possible. Below you will find detailed instructions on what needs to be done as well as attachments that will help along the way.

THESIS: What factors are causing the decrease in the number of women and children who continue counseling services after leaving Liberty House and what actions can the staff and volunteers take to help increase the number of women who continue therapy session after leaving the site? (But make it into a statement, not a question)

LIBERTY HOUSE is located in Albany, GA and is an outreach center for women and children who have experienced domestic violence. Please research the facility to use in the completion of the parts of the paper below.

1. Please open the CHAPTER 1 attachment; here you will see that the professor has commented on edits that need to be made. There are grammatical errors, placement errors, etc. Please make EVERY change that needs to be made marked by the professor.

2. Please open CHAPTER 2 attachment; please read the comments made by the professor and make the necessary changes; please also refer to the CHAPTER 2 EXAMPLE attachment to complete correctly: I really want to work with you to get your MSA degree. This proposal is important. I know what is going to happen when you get to MSA699 and if you go in with a poor proposal you are going to face tons of challenges getting through that class. On the positive side, I am glad that you used the Proposal Template. But … Chapter 1 still has many, many problems. You have got to figure out a way to get those many, many grammatical problems fixed. If you don’t want to use the Writing Center then find another way. Find someone to edit this for you. It needs a lot of work. Regarding Chapter 2, it is all about domestic violence and you are not doing a study about domestic violence. You are doing a study about why people discontinue counseling services. There was not a single article about that topic. So how can I possibly say this literature is good when it does not focus on the subject of your research?

3. Please open CHAPTER 3 EXAMPLE attachment and complete the methodology portion of the paper. Refer to the CHAPTER 3 example as to how it should be done.

4. Please combine CHAPTER 1-3 in one single paper for submission.

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