Sartre Response 2 3 Pages Philosophy Homework Help

2-3 page response paper on Chap 22 Sartre

I have provided you with the chapter since it is absolutely necessary for the assignment because I need direct quotes from it and I need to identify the claim from the text. Below are the specific instructions from the professor. 

The Response Paper this week should come from the reading on Sartre (Chapter 22). We will practice identifying the argument from the text on Kierkegaard. Your Writing to Reason text will help you write this paper. There is no need to accomplish everything listed below.Your primary task is to identify the claim from the reading on Sartre and respond with a counter claim of your own. The Writing to Reason text will help you write a counter claim and argument.

  • Identify the claim from the text (use an in-text citation and quote directly from the text, add page numbers.)
  • Explain the claim in your own words
  • “Unpack” the argument that is developed in the text that supports the claim – In other words how does the philosopher support/prove the claim that you quoted?
  • Offer a counter claim – How do you respond to the claim by the philosopher?
  • Develop a counter argument – In other words use a reasoned argument to prove that your counter claim is true. Remember this is not a research paper nor are we interested in opinion (opinions cannot be validated). The task is to offer a reasoned argument that comes to a logical conclusion
  • Provide relevant examples when necessary

 Papers should be no less than 2 full pages and no more than 3 full pages (1 inch margins, double spaced, Times New Roman – only the course name and number and the student name should appear on the first page). APA citation style should be used where appropriate. Papers will be graded according to the following: The paper demonstrates a mastery of the material that includes perspectives from valid secondary sources, the paper presents an original and defensible counter argument in response to the reading along with an appropriate example that supports the argument.

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