SAS Programmer Research Paper About A Entry Level Job After I Graduate Writing Help

I need to write a research paperabout a entry level job after I graduate. My major is statistic, so Ichoose Statistical Analysis System(SAS)Programmer. I assume I probably start in a investment bank, or some company, orgovernment.

The research paper should follow thestep list below. around 7 pages. MLA format.

  • Introduction: what the job is. Start wide and narrow tofocus your audience’s attention to what you will write about, which isdescribed in your research statement.
  •  Theday-by-day activities of the job, meaning a snapshot of what people having· this job do.
  •  What thecareer offers society; how the job affects the rest of us.·
  •  Why peoplemay be interested in this career.·
  •  Requirededucation and degrees.·
  •  Continuingeducation requirement(s), if any.·
  •  Requiredlicenses, and by what governmental or professional organization.·
  •  Legalrequirements, such as credentials, fingerprinting or criminal background·


  •  Conclusion ·

Please use following three link asresource 




If you could use these two link thatwill be awesome, If not that’s fine


Use other resource if you like, butplease use some resource I can find online.

Please write a simple and easyunderstanding, college sophomore level research paper for me as reference.

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