Science Your Inner Fish Assignment Help

Each answer must be at least 300 words with cited sources. NO PLAGIARISM

1. Find an article that describes how a population has changed over time in response to biotic interactions and its environment.

2. Also, find any article that relates to origin of species.

3. Present a summary of an anti-evolution interpretation of homini’s fossil record. If you are unable to find one online, do your best to create your own alternative interpretation. Critique the interpretation.

4. Lastly, throughout this course you have been presented with an introduction to evolutionary theory and some lines of evidence for its validity. There are many websites that purport to illustrate the falsity of evolution. Go online and research a single argument that one of these sites makes against evolution. Select one that you find interesting or support or find most plausible. Make a post with the following: A). Explain the specific argument against evolutionary theory B). Evaluate the argument. Support and Refute it.

Use citations from trusted sources to support your work. These citations should be included in your work, if there are links please include them as well.


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