Select One Scene Or Relationship Interaction And Describe It Carefully Media Assignment

You will select one relationship from the media. It maybe featured in a film or television show. We see these relationshipseveryday in the media but this time I want you to be aware of them from atheoretical point of view. You may work from memory if you do not haveaccess to a television or film or a site online where you can viewprograms or movies. My guess is this will be very rare in a worldpowered by technology. If you have no access to popular media, you maycreate the assignment from your memory of a favorite film or televisionshow. All students should use a media example recently viewed.

  • Select one scene or relationship interaction anddescribe it carefully. You will want to say who the people are, a briefhistory of their relationship, and anything I need to know about theindividuals so I will understand the nuances of the interaction.
  • Write no more than one half (1/2) page for this section.

The scene that is to be written about is from Orange is the New Black, where Lolly and Alex are in the greenhouse

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