Share Your Thoughts And Feelings About The New Emerging China In What Ways Will China S Culture Discussion Question Help

1-2 paragraph for each questions

1. Share your thoughts and feelings about the new, emerging China. In what ways will China’s culture. Politics, economy, and size impact your family? What about your country?

2.  research on decision making using brainstorming. Pick a brainstorming technique and explain it. How would you use this technique as a manager? Have you participated in any brainstorming sessions to solve company issues? What was the result?

3. Review the lecture and conduct academic research on motivational theory, in particular McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y. Pick one theory and explain it. Argue for it persuasively. Then, explain the other theory and argue for it passionately. Can you see why both of these theories have their place in the discussion of supervision?

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