Single Gender Schools Assignment Help

i need to write a research paper of 6 papers including two pages Title Page & Abstract in the beginning, then 3 pages including intro and conclusion, and one reference page at the end. so we going to have 6 papres ( i will attache file called  Research Paper Rubric Summer 16(1).docx )

the resarch is about Single Gender schools, and paper is a one sided argument – do not compare and contrast your findings, i need you to be with Single Gender schools

but before you are doing to write the paper i need an outline with the thesis statement  of it and a list of key words that you have used when you search about the tobic.( the file called Narrowing Down a Topic Two Examples &  Writing Research Papers – Narrowing a Topic -HANDOUT. )  will show you an examples.  when you make the outline, write the points in Parallel

also  i need you reed the this file (ELEVATOR PITCH Instructions and Form.docx ) and complete the table at the end of it. Include a rough thesis statement.

For the sources requirements, they are written in the file  called (Research Paper Rubric Summer 16(1).docx)

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