Single Gender Schools Porwerpoint Homework Help

i have a research, 4 pages and i need you create 6 to 7  slides powerpoints depending on the requirements of the instruction  i will giveyou. i need a picture or graphic in each slides  

we are group of 2 students and my part is for singlegender schools and i will present first so i need the first slidesgeneral introduction,  has some questions for the audience or somethinghook  the students.

i am not native speaker of English, so ineed you to help me to write what should i say in each slides in thepresentation such as “today i will talk about single gender schools, myfriend is against and i am for………..”, and some words like “by theway” “in other hand” , so i will memorize your words i have 5 mints topresent my part, and i am not fast.   

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