Slow Walkers

“We’ve all heard someone say, ‘Man, it was so great (or so horrible/strange/funny)…I just can’t describe it!’ If you want to be a successful writer, you must be able to describe it, and in a way that will cause your reader to prickle with recognition.” ~Stephen King The Assignment: This piece should emphasize a single pet peeve and utilize strong words and imagery that create pictures for your reader. Your goal is to “show” what you mean, not tell. One of the ways you will create clear pictures for the reader is through your use of figurative language and examples. Remember, not every pet peeve lends itself to an entire essay, so make sure you choose wisely. Select a pet peeve that has plenty of examples, can be described using sensory details, and offers vivid use of language. Organizationally, we want to create a circular feel being sure to close the circle and refer back to the intro in the conclusion. Introduction: Grab attention, establish pet peeve Body: Provide examples and anecdotes Conclusion: Provide an ending to the piece, often connecting to the attention getter Remember, the main focus of your piece is the how and why your pet peeve annoys you.



Slow walkers are a liability in society today. These people act as if they have legs the length of one foot and are tied to a pole only to drag their feet in slow motion.  Slow walkers are notorious for causing traffic in the hallway and back everything up to the point where you cannot even walk out of the door. When walking in the halls, it is not rare to hear loud, frustrated noises peering through the corridors yelling at the slow walkers to make way.

Slow walkers do not know how to walk by moving one foot in front of the other. You know they walk lazily, dragging their feet across the corridors that even their shoes make screeching noises. Most of the time, slow walkers are in groups of other slow walkers who are deeply engaged in heated conversations or can be seen, shyly, smiling at each other, cracking odd jokes, then burst out in laughter. Slow walkers put me in an aggravated and angry mood (Jake, 2008). Have you ever been in a rush headed to your favorite place or you want to attend a class that you love, or perhaps you are late for class one gets frustrated, and at times one cannot help but yell at his/her bottom of the lungs to get the bunch of slow walkers out of the way? Surprisingly there will look back act shocked and condescending, unaware of their inconveniences. Some of them might get irritated and howl at you as you meander between them. As a result, people become aggravated at slow walkers, and as a result, they end up in a fussy mood by the time they get to their destination.   One day, I was almost late for class due to the amazingly slow people, so I am in quite a rush as I run down the corridor, but people are leisurely walking down the hall while often stopping to talk, leaving a trail of traffic behind them. It was the most annoying day of my life. I ended up being late for the class, which significantly affected my class attendance score as I did not have a genuine reason for my lateness. Following this it is evident that, slow walkers inhibit education in schools as they are significant contributors to traffic in the corridors, causing many students to be late for their lectures. Teachers can reduce class time or leave students who came in late unattended. The worst part is one does not know how or explain to the teacher that a group of students walking at a debilitating slow pace as if they were the stars of a parade is the leading cause of his/ her lateness, bad mood. Slow walkers do not realize, nor will they realize, the anxiety, irritation they create when not a single person can stroll in the short five-minute passing period.

Slow walkers are tidbit annoying and can affect one’s mood quickly. Most slow walkers have no business leisurely strolling in the walkways but end up disrupting people’s lives. It may seem a trivial matter, but it is frustrating. In reality, it has innumerable impacts on the well-being of an individual. For example, imagine someone who experiences slow walkers in their day-to-day life. She/he will feel frustrated and irritated, majority of the time, which will significantly affect their productivity at work.


Jake, M. (2008, November 18). Slow Walkers. Retrieved 2021



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