Sophocles S Play Antigone In An Essay Of 750 1 000 Words Discuss The Main Issues That Cause Conflict Between King Creon And Antigone

Directions: Read Sophocles’s play, Antigone. In an essay of 750-1,000 words, discuss the main issues that cause conflict between King Creon and Antigone. Be specific in identifying, elaborating on, and providing examples of these issues.  Also address this question in your essay:  are there enduring themes in the play that parallel issues confronting our society today? Again, be specific and detailed in your response. Your assignment should be written in essay form, including a clear thesis statement. Your work will be evaluated for use of critical thinking skills and use of standard English grammar and punctuation. Think of the audience for your essay as the general public, who may know nothing about this topic.  All sources of information you use in preparing your essay, including the textbook and resources listed below, must be cited in MLA style.  Please note:  A limited number of short quotations may be used effectively in your essay, especially short quotes from the play itself that support important ideas and points you make in your comments.  Otherwise, avoid the use of lengthy and frequent quotations.  Focus on writing your essay in your own words, using your own writing skills.  Put information from your sources into your own words.  

Antigone Resources:

You can read Professor Ian Johnston’s modern translation of Antigone online at this website If you have problems with the link, please copy and paste the following URL into your Internet browser:

For a quick and engaging summary of the plot of Antigone, I recommend this YouTube presentation. 

If you wish to watch a performance of the entire play, This 1986 production is available in segments on YouTube 

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