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Sources of DataAs you conduct research, you must align your statistical analysis method with your research question in order to produce valid and reliable results. You must also select appropriate variables to measure your research question. For the purposes of this Discussion, you explore the dataset from the Learning Resources, propose a research question, and then determine the appropriate test—t-test or Chi Square test—to address your research question.For this Discussion, review this week’s Learning Resources, including the dataset, the video on developing research questions, and the t-test and Chi Square documents. Create a research question related to the dataset and identify the variables you would measure. Consider the types of statistical analysis you might use to measure those variables and how this practice helps you align your research question with the data.With these thoughts in mind:Review the Week 1 Dataset, which is available in the Learning Resources.Post a research question relevant to the dataset. Please specify the dependent and independent variables you would use from the dataset to address the question, as well as the level of measurement for the dependent and independent variables. Justify your selection. Finally, explain whether you would use a t-test or Chi Square test to analyze this data and to address your research question. Explain why you chose this test. Focus on aligning the statistical analysis with both the research question and the variables you described. Be sure that your research question is unique in terms of this Discussion.

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