Southwest Airlines Presentation Help

Case Presentation 

Pls make a power point about Southwest Airlines. The power point is at least 18 pages, and I will also upload the eBooks that u need to read, the case is locate in page 239. Thank you.

Instruction: You are required to pair up with one of your classmates and make a power point presentation of ONE of the cases in the textbook and the case will be assigned to you in Week 1. You should submit a print copy of the power point slides (6 slides per page) to me at the start of the class. You are encouraged to go beyond the supplied case material and find more updated information from various sources including libraries, internet sites, magazines, and newspapers. The presentation should consist of the following: a summary or an overview of the case explaining what the case is all about, an articulation in your own words why the case is being used and what concepts of the chapter are being addressed, discussion about your analysis of the first 2 questions given at the end of the case (ONLY ATTEMPT TO ANSWER THE FIRST TWODISCUSSION QUESTIONS – YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO ATTEMPT PROBLEM SOLVING & FURTHER RESEARCH QUESTIONS), and the key take-aways or lessons you have learnt from the case. The presentation has to be around 10 minutes.

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