Stakeholders List Out The Known Stakeholders Including Individuals And Or Groups

  • Review the IT RFP’s as attached Please answer below questions:

1.  Stakeholders: Listout the known stakeholders including individuals and/or groups

2.  Customer Requirements: Gather as many customer requirements as possible includingspecifications, attributes, or performance. Consider standards, level of“quality” as the customer defines it, and any codes or regulations that must beadhered to. You may need to make some more assumptions here.

3.  Major Deliverables and Final Product: What does the customer expect you to deliver? What isthe final product, service, or result of this project? List these out. Managingcustomer expectations begins here.

4.  Acceptance Criteria: What criteria will the customer use to determine if the deliverablesincluding the final product are completed to the customer’s expectations? RFPsgenerally state these.

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