Stalking Lesson Plan Of 8 To 10 Pages As Well As Powerpoint English Homework Help

I need lesson plan of 8 to 10 pages as well as 10 power point slides with speaker notes. Detailed instructions can be found below. My topic is . Stalking. I have attached project 1 so that you can take the material for there.


For your Final Project You will assume the role a training program director for criminal justice professionals (i.e. law enforcement, corrections, etc.). You have been tasked with creating an entry-level training plan regarding one of the following crime topics of your choice (you will be using the same topic you selected in Projects 1 and 2):

  1.  Stalking

Final Project—Training Program Development: Description

Your assignment requires that you submit the following training plan materials:

1. Training Lesson Plan:

  • The Lesson Plan is a written description of the training objectives, required topic areas to fulfill the training objectives, a presentation guide that includes trainers notes for each slide in the training, and supporting resources (cited in the Lesson Plan using an APA formatted Reference Page) (see real LE Victims’ Rights Training Lesson Plan here:
  • The Lesson Plan must be 8-10 pages long and include instructor’s notes for every slide in your Power Point presentation.

2. Training Power Point or Video:

You must create a comprehensive training module for one of the 3 crime types that covers the following information:

  • Training Objectives;
  • Icebreaker activity (something that engages the audience immediately);
  • Overview of the crime (prevalence rates, history, changes in laws over time, impact the crime has on the overall community);
  • Barriers for victims in reporting and seeking assistance;
  • Challenges for criminal justice professionals in responding to the crime, investigations, etc.;
  • Best practices for law enforcement and community response to these victims;
  • Any applicable requirements for first responders and law enforcement in the relevant jurisdiction;
  • Applicable victims’ rights and resources; and
  • Conclusion activities (something to close out the training and summarize the learning objectives).

You may submit the training module via Power Point document or via video of you presenting the module.

Helpful Hints:

  • Be sure you review the required formatting and submission requirements under the Final Project assignment description. 
  • Be sure you are incorporating in your research from Project 1 and additional course materials. 

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