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A response is needed for the question you answered for 5Q1

Randall, here’s what I think you are trying to do.

There are three groups of similar students. One is learning a skillusing medical-based games. Another is learning using education-basedgames. And the third is learning using business-based games.

The measures of outcome are creativity, grades and performance (in extra curricular activities).

In MANOVA, the omnibus null hypothesis is that there is no differencein the multivariate group means. In other words, you cannot detect adifference in outcome between these groups using any combination of thethree metrics.

The omnibus test, if significant, would then be followed byunivariate tests (i.e., ANOVA) which have omnibus null hypotheses of theform: there is no difference in the group means measured by[creativity, grades, performance].

Each of the ANOVA’s can then be followed by post hoc tests todetermine the nature of the individual group differences on each metric.

This is a process that systematically drills down from the overallmultivariate model to individual group differences on each variable.

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