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The national news program I watched reported on the Egypt Air plane lose, NRA endorsed Donald Trump for President, Kalamazoo MI shooting victims stories in court, and the current election status of the possible presidential candidates. The ideological messages this program offered was in the presidential running is the ‘far right’ and ‘far left’ of the political spectrum. The thoughts presented would possibly make a person decide to vote for one candidate but not the other. The media is owned by large corporations that may present actual news in one way that may not always be the whole truth behind the story. The Kalamazoo shootings was presenting the information with what the media knew and the overall feelings the family members had regarding the shootings. It did touch you a bit on how sad the families were in the loss of their loved ones.

In the advertising shown during the news broadcast there were the Duracell stay connected, Palmolive’s shower buddies, Jaguar master plan, and concerning a wedding plan. The Duracell commercial was subtle, another type of battery being used and how fast it died, compared to Duracell’s long lasting battery. The Palmolive shower buddy commercial was very slick in how at the end the right forearm was not the ladies but a guys. For the women were on exercise machines and talking about the wedding honeymoon. This gave the impression they were getting ready due to exercising to head somewhere warm and to a beach. The happiness shared in these commercials were with Duracell having a battery that would not die on you when you needed it most. For the Palmolive shower commercial was the feeling of being clean and fresh. The was the convenience of being able to go online and set up your reservations for a trip without having to leave home.

The comedy I watched was ‘The Carmichael Show’ and the message they talked about was the Internet and how many people watch Porn. It started by going to church and the Preacher confessed he had been watching Porn unbeknown to his wife. Once the family opened up about the situation and concerns they all agreed to change this habit. The grandmother of course threatened to shut down the Internet due to her family’s habits and they had to settle her down regarding it. The ideological message in this show was how the grandmother stood strong on her thoughts, beliefs and values regarding this improper use of the Internet. As noted by Trenholm (2014), core beliefs are basic long-term beliefs that cannot be changed without disrupting our entire belief structure in life. The family agreed with their Grandmother and made a change for the better. She accomplished her goal of changing their lives for the better. The values of these people in the show are very close to my own family, especially my Mother. She would hit the roof knowing one of her kids was doing something of this sort. What was noticed was the audience needed to realize how wrong it was and actually what others will think about you if they knew and what your values are in life regarding this type of decision to watch Porn on the Internet.


Trenholm, S. (2014). Thinking through communication: An introduction to the study of human communication (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Education, Inc.

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