Strategic Management Competition Strategy Formulation Assignment Help

There are four discussion questions, each discussion questions needs to be between 125-175 words. Please include the questions with the responses in the completed work. Thanks.

DQ 1

What is the roleof strategic planning in creating value for the organization? Provide anexample of how a company uses strategic planning to create value for the organization. 

DQ 2

What types ofcompetitive strategies are the most effective? Will the same strategy work inmost venues? Why or why not? 

DQ 3

Choose two or morecompetitive strategies and compare why each strategy may be appropriate fordifferent companies. For example, one company may use a low-price strategywhile another may go for high quality. 

DQ 4

Why do we want tocreate measurement devices early in the strategy process? How do metrics allowus to track the strategy process once it is implemented? How is environmentalscanning helpful in choosing the appropriate metric guidelines to use?

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