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Automated Pharmacy Case Study

As the director of pharmacy for CMC, youhave been experiencing an increase in drug cost of approximately eightto ten percent per year for the past three years. The annual pharmacydrug cost has increased from $10,300,000 to $16,800,000 in the past fiveyears. The hospital is experiencing an increase in drug cost eventhough actual drug usage has remained stable.

Along with the increase in drug cost, drugrelated errors have also increased. Patient safety has become an evenmore serious issue. As you know, patient safety is the number one itemon the national health care agenda for the next several years.

At the hospital the number of dispensingerrors has increased by two percent during the past twelve months. Theregistered nurses who are administering the drugs have discovered manyof the dispensing errors; however, the ones not discovered resulted inpatients getting the wrong drug, wrong dosage, and/or the wrongfrequency. When the overall drug error rate was analyzed, it was foundthat dispensing errors in the pharmacy were the number one cause. Theoverall drug error rate had increased from three percent to fivepercent.

Fortunately most of the dispensing errorswere discovered before the medications were administered to thepatients. When the incorrect drugs were administered, it resulted inadverse effects in three cases. One patient received the rightmedication but the wrong dosage because the medication label wasincorrect. This patient had to be admitted overnight to the IntensiveCare Unit for intense cardiac and respiratory monitoring. The patientstayed in ICU for approximately twenty four hours. Another patientreceived the wrong medication on the day of planned discharge and had toremain in the hospital for an additional day, though only forobservation. In the third case, the patient had reported that he wasallergic to a certain category of drugs, but nonetheless received a drugof that type. He had an adverse reaction–a rash–which delayed hisdischarge by one day.

On the basis of your understanding of the above case study, express your views on the following:

  • What measures should be adopted to reduce the overall drug error rate in the hospital?
  • What special benefitsshould be given to the patients who have suffered due to negligence bythe hospital staff for wrong drug administration and other reasons?
  • In your opinion, should the hospital staff who wereresponsible for the dispensing errors be held personally liable for theerrors? Why or why not?

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