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Program Development Case Study

Happy Valley Hospital is a community-basedfacility with 288 acute care beds, a twelve suite family-orientedbirthing center, a forty four bed long-term care inpatient facility, anda fourteen bed inpatient rehabilitation unit. Happy Valley has a majorcompetitor, GH, which has two hundred beds, a small cancer center, and akidney dialysis unit.

Happy Valley’s director of internalmedicine, along with the director of nursing for that department, areconsidering establishing a new hemodialysis service. GH has a smallhemodialysis unit, but they do not have enough beds to properlyaccommodate the needs of this community.

The Happy Valley medical director hassurveyed the six nephrologists with staff privileges at the hospital andhas determined that all six agree that there is a need for morehemodialysis beds in the community. Moreover, these nephrologists allhave staff privileges at both Happy Valley and GH and would preferthat the new beds be added to the GH unit. GH, however, has no plans toexpand their unit for at least the next five years, and presently,new patients are being referred to a dialysis unit in another communitythirty minutes south of Happy Valley Hospital. Those patients as well astheir families find this alternative site and location to beunacceptable.

Based on your understanding of the above case, express your views on the following:

  • How should the medical director at Happy Valley try toconvince patients now being referred to the dialysis unit thirtyminutes to the south to switch their care to Happy Valley Hospital?
  • What steps should the Happy Valley medical directortake to ensure that patients will get the proper care and facilitiesat the Happy Valley Hospital hemodialysis unit, when it is established?
  • Is the approach of GH for not having any expansionplans for the next five years for their unit justified, keeping in mindthe interest of the community? Why or why not?

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