Strategic Planning The Crisis Management Team Assignment Help

StrategicPlanning & the Crisis Management Team

Case Study:Mini- Case – BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Please answer each question thoroughly with a minimum wordcount of 200 each. Use APA format with in-text citations and a reference page.Do not include a cover page and place your answers underneath each question foreasier breakdown. Use the file attached as an additional reference if needed.Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Case Summary

1. In a narrative format, summarize the key facts and issuesof the case.

2. Update the information in the case by researching it onthe Internet. Focus your response on the specific issues in the case.

Case Analysis

3. Was the Deepwater Horizon accident a problem associatedmore with cost cutting or with a faulty process safety culture?

4. What impact did BP’s strategy have on the crisis?


5. Assume the role of Tony Hayward’s successor as CEO of BP.What steps would you take to address the crisis and rebuild BP’s reputation?

*Discuss the Case

Regarding the opening and closing case in the Readof AmyBishop, what mechanisms should the university have had in place to detect thecoming crisis before it occurred? Pleaseremember to use scholarly (not general sources) sources and be very careful ofplagiarism. Minimum word count for this question only is 250.

*Here’s a link thatyou may use in addition to research

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