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For this assessment, summarize three scholarly articles aboutstrategy secure fit and use the articles, along with a real-worldexample, to support your ideas about how strategy and structure arerelated.

Organizational strategy is determined in many ways by theorganization’s structure. Successful implementation of these strategiesdepends on the structure of the organization and how well the structuresupports the organization’s goals.

  • Explain the relationship between strategy and structure.
  • Explain how strategy and structure fit together to influence organizational learning and performance.
  • Describe an example of an organization that is perceived to have a strong strategy-structure fit.
  • Describe the characteristics of an organization that is perceived to have a strong strategy-structure fit.

To complete this assessment, complete the following:

  • Provide a brief summary of each of the three articles youselected, along with a brief explanation of why you selected eacharticle.
  • Explain how strategy and structure are related—how they “fit”together—to influence learning and performance. Use the articles tosupport your statements.
  • Describe an example of a real-world organization that you believehas a strong strategy-structure alignment. What are some of thecharacteristics of the organization that lead you to believe that thestrategy is tightly aligned with the structure?

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