Sublimation Is An Example Of A Zero Order Reaction Assignment Help

1. Sublimation is an example of a zero-order reaction. Provide anotherexample, and explain why the reactant available for reaction is unaffected bychanges in the overall quantity of the reactant.

2. Are catalysisreactions linked to sublimation?

And can you explain how a sublimationreaction could apply to phase changes at differing pressurevalues and provide some common examples?

3. How does the behavior of carbon monoxide differ from that of carbondioxide in the human lungs? Explain using equilibrium constants for thereaction of the gases with hemoglobin?

4. Incidentally,it’s interesting to note that on the ill-fated Apollo 13 on the way to theMoon, the concern of the crew was that there was way too much of carbon dioxidegas in the cabin. Please note, however, carbon monoxide, the other gas that isthe subject of this discussion, was not the issue being addressed. But carbondioxide, while not poisonous by itself, this could still gravely affect theastronauts.

If you look into the citation below, one ofthe first problems on Apollo 13 with the original carbon dioxide scrubber wasin the design. The carbon dioxide scrubber works with the use of a lithiumhydroxide canister. The scrubber wasdesigned to work for a crew of two. Instead, there were three individuals andthe length of the mission needed to be taken into consideration.

So, what can we learn from the firstsituation? How can you relate this to our topic of discussion?



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