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Write a 2-pagetyped essay, double-spaced that discusses the following: please use quotes on the below and the questions are already answered so all you have to do is put in into essay from APA style. 2 pages

· Read through the questions connected with each style ofidentity development proposed by James Marcia and select the category thatmost fits your experience.

· Feel free to be critical of the theory. Perhaps yourunique situation, historical period of growing-up, personal history, familysituation or other social and economic forces influenced the development ofyour sense of self during adolescence in a much different way than Marciasuggests. 

Please note:This assignment requires you to be analytical in your answer and to show critical thinking as well as toillustrate with anecdotes.  You must discuss how your experience fits ordoes not fit with the theory and you should discuss the theory in theprocess, not just narrate your own history.

Use the following questions to think about how your own identity formationfits or does not fit with Marcia’s theory.

a.  Did you try many roles without further thought of developing one inparticular for the future? (Moratorium)
Yes I did try many other roles without further thought of developing one inparticular for the future

1. Security (field supervisor), 2. Medical Aid 3. Casemanager, 4. Counselor. 3 and 4 is where I spent most of my profession and Iam currently an Addiction Counselor

Moratorium – exploration of roles and values without commitment– page 236
b.  Did you focus on what you wanted as an adult early in youradolescence without wavering at all and without trying anything new on forsize? (Foreclosure)

No I was unsure of what I wanted to do so went to school gotmy associates degree and I worked as a security field supervisor for awhile,until I went to the OASAS course for a CASTAC T program and from there Istarted in the social service field

Foreclosure – commitment made to roles and values withoutexploration – page 236

c.  Did you stay completely neutral, not engage in exploration, and notquestion or think about who you were, what was important in life, and whatyou wanted to achieve? (Diffusion)

I would have to say that I stayed completely neutral and notengage in exploration and not question or think about who I was because froma young age I have always been a leader and had strong opinions. My mothertaught me from a young age not to be a follower, to pray and trust in God,not to tolerate certain things from anyone and amongst other things. What wasimportant to live then was trusting in God and my family. I wanted to dosomething with my life meaning achieve something but I just didn’t know what.I always wanted to help and be a blessing to people. Now that I am in thesocial service field I feel like I am put there to accomplish just that, be ahelp to someone else that is in need.

Diffusion-  Nocommitment made to roles and values, with or without exploration – page 236

d.  Did you try many roles and through that process, commit to one thatcaptured your sense of values and strove to achieve this vision of yourself?(Achievement)

I did try a few roles and in the process I feel that I havefound the social service field to capture my sense of values and strove to achievethe vision I have for myself. Whatever God has in store for me I know it isgoing to start with this field transitioning into roles that will put be at aposition to continue to be a help and a blessing to others.

Achievement – exploration of roles and values followed bycommitment- page 236

Please rememberto be as thorough as possible!!  Stay away from one sentence responses. Please include at least one reference from the course material for thismodule.  In citing do not just mention. State what the the particularcitation and author has to say that helps you understand things. 

Post your paper to the Assignment Area byMidnight, 6/8

Quotes from the book Hutchison  (2015)- Dimensions of human behavior – the changinglife course

“Marcia proposed that adolescents vary in how easily they goabout developing a personal identity, and he described four identity statuses basedon two aspects of identity development- the amount of exploration being donetoward identity development and the amount of commitment to a particularidentity”, page 236.

Theorist Kohlberg states that postconventional morality is “Todevelop moral principles that transcend one’s own society: individual ethics,societal rights, and universal principles of right and wrong”, page 235

“Researchers have found that ethnic minority adolescentstend to develop strong ethnic identity, but there is also variability withinethnic groups In terms of extent of ethnic identity”, page 240

“Families are and will remain a central source of support toadolescents in most parts of the world” page 242

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