Symantec Norton Anti-Virus

Chose any AV (Antivirus) Program. Write a one page description about what it actually does. If you can find out something about how it accomplishes its goal, include that also


Symantec Norton Anti-Virus

Symantec Norton Anti-Virus offers a wide range of products. Its suite has many products, but Norton Internet Security and Norton 360, are the recommended ones for general users.  Norton security technology includes a series of features that defend against malware and viruses. Firstly, Symantec comprises of patent layers of protection that provides maximum safety against Trojans, social media scams, cyber-attacks, worms, identity theft, phishing, and rootkits, malicious downloads, viruses, malicious websites, viruses, and infections.

The program is integrated with machine learning to check if a malware file is good or bad, even it is interacting with the machine for the very first time. Norton Antivirus technology runs an emulation test that reveals online threats in the open-this happens in milliseconds as the user double clicks on files on the desktop. As a result, Malware file credentials data is automatically stored in the cloud while Norton protection repeatedly optimizes on the antivirus engine to evade interference with the end-user experience.  Symantec uses SONAR behavioral Protection to gather the information that categorizes applications based on user interactions and automatically restrict applications that display malicious behavior (Rao).

Norton protection incorporates an Intrusion Prevention System which assesses information generated from the internet and other networks to reduce the risk of infection by potential viruses.  Another interesting key feature is the proactive Exploit Protection that aids protect against’ zero-day’ attacks that expose weaknesses in applications or the operating system in the PC. Symantec also utilizes a  Norton Power Eraser that scans and removes resistant applications and malware ingrained in the computer. Moreover, Symantec uses Insights and tools to map remotely online threats, scams, and risks that can infect your devices.

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