Synthesizing Perspectives In The Literature Assignment Help

Synthesizing Perspectives inthe Literature

For the Final Project for thiscourse, you will be required to complete a literature review. This week’sassignment is a step towards that task, and the articles you locate for theliterature review will also be used for Applications in the next 2 weeks.

The Walden Dissertation Rubricfor Chapter 2 includes the following criteria as line item 9: “The reviewis an integrated, critical essay on the most relevant and current publishedknowledge on the topic. The review is organized around major ideas orthemes.”

To prepare for thisApplication:

· Review the reading and mediasegment for this week.

· Search the Walden Library forpeer-reviewed journal articles published within the past 5 years. You will need3 articles for this assignment and 15 for your Final Project literature review.

· Of the articles you find,select 3 for this assignment.

· Briefly summarize each article.

· Next, synthesize the articlesinto one cohesive essay.

· Create a reference list for thearticles you have found.

The assignment:

· Craft a 5- to 6 page paper inwhich you do the following:

o  Summarize 3 articles of your choosing.

o  Synthesize the 3 articles into a cohesive essay.

o  Include a reference list.

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