Tangible Vs Intangible Communications Homework Help

Considerone of these purchases: health care, a car, a time-share condo. What elementsare tangible vs. intangible? How do the tangible vs. intangible componentscontribute to your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the consumption? Inaddition, there are companies that have traditionally been known for theirexcellence in tangibles, e.g., Xerox in copiers, IBM in computers, who nowdescribe themselves as primarily service companies. Do you agree or disagree?What does it take for a company to declare itself as a service organization(e.g., a percentage of business, a certain strategy or mission)? What would ittake for you to believe such a claim? Support your answer with research fromcredible sources. Cite properly in APA (both parenthetical and reference list).

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