Telehealth Health And Medicine Homework Help

Investigate Telehealth (i.e., from facility to home) information technology system.

Organization Information

·  Briefly describe telehealth technology system/application and the organization type (hospital, clinic, public health agency,      etc.). Is telehealth application clinical, administrative, educational, or research related?

·  What were the key reasons for the development of this health information technology system/application, i.e., what made the organization believe this system/application was needed? How did this organization determine those needs? Did the organization use specific tools to conduct needs assessments, staff opinions, or workflows?

·  How did the organization determine that this specific system/application could fulfill its predetermined needs?

·  Who manages this health information technology system/application and where are they located within the organization’s administrative structure?

Information System Application Design and Development

·  Many health care systems have multiple independent entities that work together toward the common goal of providing high-quality care. How did—and do—the various stakeholders make decisions related telehealth application? Were the end users involved in the development of this health information technology system/application?

·  How are individuals trained to use telehealth application?

·  How are security issues addressed? How does telehealth application support a legally sound health care record?

·  Where did initial funds for telehealth application come from? Who manages the budget for telehealth application?

·  Have organizational or political issues impacted the ongoing funding for telehealth application?

·  What are the arrangements for planned or unplanned downtime? How is telehealth application upgrades scheduled or planned?

·  How has telehealth application changed in response to health care reform and related legislation?

·  What suggestions could you make regarding changes needed to support health care reform and related legislation?

Innovative Aspects of the System

·  How does telehealth technology system/application utilize technology innovations?

·  What technology innovations would you recommend for any organization using telehealth? What innovations presented through your own research could this organization benefit from?

·  What innovations could further promote evidence-based practice and efficiency within this organization?

Writing Instructions

The scholarly report needs to include a minimum of 8-10 citations from peer-reviewed journals  and every statement made in the report must be supported by a reference. Please note that primary sources are to be used. Peer-reviewed journal articles should make up the bulk of your references (90%). If referring to a book, include all information in APA style, including specific page numbers when necessary. No plagiarism. 
Pages: 11-13 scholarly report, not counting the title page, abstract, or references. Graphics may be used to illustrate key points. 

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