Tell Me What Your New Business Is Do You Provide A Service Or A Product Business And Finance Homework Help

Assignment: Your business strategy in the Global EnvironmentThis week’s materials focus on your innovations and creativity in a globalenvironment.

Congratulations!You have just started a new business!

Yourassignment this week is to:

1.First tell me what your new business is. Do you provide a service, or aproduct? Define this business you’ve spent so much time dreaming of starting.

2.Next develop a PEST Analysis using a new paragraph with each letter (p -political, etc)

3.Finally, describe how you’re going to grow this business in the globalenvironment.

Parts1 and 2 will be a Word Doc. APA formatting is NOT required. You are to use, andcite, no less than 2 outside sources. Minimum of 2 pages. That is, the BODY ofyour paper is to be a minimum of 2 pages. Title pages, Abstract and resourcepages do not count to the total.

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