Tell The Class About Your Scientist History Interesting Details Accomplishments Anything You Would Like Tell It Like A Storyteller Might Or Present It In A Different Way Of Your Choosing

Tell the class about your scientist. History, interesting details, accomplishments, anything you would like! Tell it like a storyteller might or present it in a different way of your choosing.

Your paper should be between 900-1100 words, not counting citations and references. Write as much as you need to in order to cover the requirements of the rubric, and nothing more. You can write it in any style you want. You can put any references you use in any style you desire: APA, MLA, ACS, etc. I do not have requirements for number of references used at all, just make sure you give credit where credit is due!

Scientist Paper  A biographical paper will be turned in as first and final drafts to

so, first paper try to make little bit grammar error or lack of detail. and send me final draft completed full of story with detail.

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