Terms and Conditions

These are our/website’s T&Cs (Terms of Use) to guide our cooperation (your/client’s access and thus use of our website and send at essaywrites.com (Website), Internet Company or Company as herein referred).

The website/company will deliver digital products according to the specifications of the client.

Any violation of company commitments or representatives will result in a partial or full reimbursement. This policy is only applicable to our refunds policy.

Important Definitions

  • Website – means essaywrites.com. It is any page, blog or material that makes essaywrites.com possible, as well as its subdomains.
  • Services refers to all types of written assignments, such as term papers, research papers and thesis, essays, proposals and case studies, reports, academic or professional tasks, as well any other tasks that our writers submit upon request by the client. These papers must be used in accordance with the T&Cs.
  • “Consumer/Customer”, Client,” or ‘Yours’ refer to anyone who submits, uploads any information and transfers payments on this website.
  • “Company,” Us,” refer to the essaywrites.com Website operated by Pinterest Limited.
  • ” Account” is a customized section of our platform or portal, where you can use your password and log in details. It was created during your registration. Only you and anyone else you have given your password are allowed to access your account.
  • Expert/Writer” – A freelancer who meets the required recruitment and selection criteria to be hired by us to write for our clients. Our agreement governs our collaboration.
  • “Order refers to the customer’s request for a Paid Writing Service. It contains specific requirements and specifications about the sources that will be used to create the product. A request for an order can also be electronic. It specifies the deadline, type and requirements of the paper. The order details the scope of the work and the tasks that the client requires a writer/expert to complete.
  • Product” – The result of an order in PPT, Word, RTF, PDF, Excel, or other digital forms. The product is delivered to the client and downloaded by the client in the preferred format.
  • Register and Place Orders

When placing an order through our website, make sure you have a valid email address and a phone number. These details are used to contact you regarding your order. These terms and conditions are not applicable to incorrect contact details (email address and phone number).

Clients/customers place orders by following the three steps: (i) adding the instructions to the file and uploading them, (ii), calculating the price/paying the order and (iii), registering/logging in to our website.

The order form provides guidance to the client regarding the details such as the deadline, scope and other details. When filling out the order form, you as the customer are responsible for all details.

We will merge multiple accounts if you create them.

When signing in to our website, you will need to enter your email address and password. Your password is not available to anyone, even admin or support staff. Contact our support team if you have any problems creating an account. To assist you, our customer service representatives are available 24/7 online. It is up to you to make any necessary changes and update your contact information. Notification: Your mobile number is only used to send you a text message requesting that you address urgent matters. Essaywrites.com or its representatives won’t call you, as we respect your privacy.

A client must pay the amount for an order that is assigned to a writer selected by the client or the top writer after an internal bidding process.

If you’re a returning client, we can help you choose the right expert/writer or let you choose who you prefer to work with. You can contact the writer assigned to your task via our messaging system. When using our messaging system, do not disclose any personal identifying information, such as your name, number, or institutional affiliation. Any violation of the chats will be monitored. Only work with a writer listed on the website. We are not responsible for any work or associations beyond our website.

All activities and orders associated with your Account are solely your responsibility. If you suspect or know that someone else has your password, go to Your Profile and change it yourself in the “Change email password” section.

Your Account information must be kept confidential and should not be shared with anyone.

Order Status- You can check the status of your order from your account.

  • Posted – means that the client has made payment for the order.
  • means that the writer has been identified. Now you can communicate directly with the writer via the message system.
  • Complete – means that the order is complete and can be uploaded from the client’s account.
  • On Hold – means that an order has an issue that must been resolved before the writer can continue to work on it. Because of missing information or client issues, the writer has stopped working on the paper.
  • Deleted – means that the client has requested cancellation. The order has been canceled.
  • Incorrect order information – Failure to provide correct details during order placement and then pretending to have misunderstood the details will result in additional costs. Specify the correct deadline and academic level. An order placed already will be charged an additional 30% if the deadline is changed or a payment determined by our support staff.
  • Order Payment and Discounts

All taxes, including value-added or services taxes, are your responsibility. Taxes vary depending on where you live. You must agree to comply with the tax income provisions of your jurisdiction.

To assign an order to a writer, we will need to pay you.

To process payments on our site, we use reliable payment getaways

You must submit all necessary documentation to verify a transaction exceeding $500. You will be contacted if such verification documents are necessary.

Discount policy – Although essaywrites.com offers discounts to its clients, it is at essaywrites.com  sole discretion to offer discount programs. Sometimes the discounts may not be applicable so we can’t offer discounts for orders that are less than a week. Enter your email address at the bottom of our homepage to receive a discount.

The Customer agrees that the inability to provide instructions or guidelines during the service provider could delay delivery of the finished Product. This delay cannot be blamed on the Company. To answer any questions freelance writers might have about the Product, it is recommended that you check your e-mail regularly. A product may not be delivered if it isn’t checked or if the contact number provided is incorrect.

Payment upfront – The customer acknowledges that a freelancer is assigned to complete a project after payment has been made. After completing an order form on our Website, you will not be able to pay upfront. The delivery of a product may be delayed if a customer has chosen a delivery date. Once we have received payment and all instructions, the ordered deadline will be set.

The Company’s website lists the company’s fees for services rendered. A Company can set its own delivery rates for Services if the Customer requests a service that cannot be found on the Company’s website.

If the Company is confident it can assign a freelance writer to deliver product, a Customer may be invited to pay in advance for order. If the Company is unable to assign a freelance writer to complete the work after payment has been made in advance, the Company will refund the full amount.

Let’s say that a company agrees to refund a customer, partial or total. The Customer’s initial payment was made with a credit card or debit card. In this case, the Company will refund the customer.

A Customer could make a wire transfer (direct deposit) to the Company’s bank account. The Company would credit it towards any future orders.

Refunds will only be made if the terms are met or the Company decides to make a refund.

  • Order Process and Details
  • Order Volume – We determine the order volume based on the number of pages. A full page is equal to 275 words. The page count and number of words are used as the measure for order volume. The client can request reformatting to the paper to address any mismatches, omissions, or confusion.
  • References The client must indicate the number of references or resources that will be used by the writer in the order. If you have the resources, please avail them through the files section or send them through support@essaywrites.com .
  • Communication –we encourage clients to communicate with writers via our messaging section/system. You should not disclose any personal information.
  • Progressive Delivery –Select progressive distribution if the writer uploads periodic drafts for you to peruse.
  • Tracking of Order Progress – Clients can request the writer to track the status of their order. Our website also uses percentages to show the progress of work and what has been done.
  • References/Resource If you ask for the references, the writer will upload them in the files section or as a list.
  • Extension Deadline for Customers

A customer may choose to allow extra time for a writer to deliver a Product. The extended deadline will be determined based on the lateness (if any) calculated.

  • Unknown/Rare Sources

The use of rare or obscure sources is required for the fulfillment of an order. The Company will confirm that the Customer has received payment and agrees to supply the customer with the access credentials or materials required to access them within two hours. Failure to deliver the materials within the timeframe may result in delays in the delivery of the completed Product.

  • Customer Cancellation

After payment has been made, the Customer agrees to have a freelance writer assigned to their project. Refunds are not possible due to the nature of this service. The Company reserves the right to offer a refund or a discount in other circumstances.

You can cancel an order at any time prior to payment being submitted.

If an order has already been paid but no freelance writer has been assigned to the project, customers can cancel the order by notifying the Customer. A refund of 80% will be given.

A Customer can cancel an order by notifying us.

  • Order Delivery

Our website is responsible to deliver digital products as requested by the client.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the channels are available for delivery. We will inform the client to change their email address. We are not responsible for any communication or issues with support.

After the writer uploads the product, the client will immediately download the product.

All orders that were delivered to clients are listed under the “Completed” tab of your dashboard. After the writer uploads the final product, you will be notified via email with a link to download the product.

Essaywrites.com offers a full refund policy.

The company will not be held responsible for any technical issues or delays in Product delivery due to any malfunctioning of the Customer’s Internet Service Provider or mail-server.

If a customer fails to receive their product on it, the Customer agrees to contact the Company to help them overcome any technical problems.

  • Money Back/Refund Policy

Essaywrites.com is responsible to deliver products as quickly as the client specifies when placing an order. Let’s say the client feels that their specifications have been violated. We offer a money-back guarantee in such cases. They will likely get a partial or full reimbursement of their money as per our Refunds policy.

All refund requests must be communicated through our email (support@ essaywrites.com), messages section, and chat.

After receiving refund requests, the client should allow support and billing teams to examine the case and determine if a refund is possible.

Our services are a reflection of Our ability to follow the instructions and details that you provide in Your Order form. We must perform on our end by following Your instructions completely and delivering the final product according to Your deadline. A refund may be offered if we fail to comply with your instructions. If Your final product is not in accordance with our instructions, we will not issue a refund. All refunds are subject for approval by the Company. At Our sole discretion, we may decline to refund.

If our service fails to meet its obligations towards you, you can request reimbursement. We offer legitimate academic support and want you to be completely satisfied with our service.

We have a 97% satisfaction rate, but sometimes things go wrong with tithings. These are the Money-Back Guarantee Policies.

If no expert has been assigned, you will not receive a full reimbursement. It is rare that an expert has the skills and knowledge to handle an order. You get a full refund in this instance.

If an expert confirms they are working on your order but you cancel it, you’ll get between 100% and 70% to cover the company’s costs and the expert’s time.

The company may decide how much refund you get if an order is not delivered on time.

You must notify customer service immediately if you wish to cancel a duplicate order. It is important to clarify the purpose of the order. If we do not receive a cancellation request before an Expert is assigned, the order will be considered valid. Although you can cancel your order, one of these situations will apply.

You must notify us immediately if you are charged twice. We will follow up on the matter and process the full reimbursement for the additional charge. However, this rarely happens. If a customer pays for an order by mistake, there is no way to bill them for that order. When such events occur, we can either freeze or block the amount for the next order or offer a discount to cover the entire sum.

To claim that war products helped you with your size, a Turnitin report must be submitted. Other reports cannot be accepted except for this one, and refunds are not possible.

If you are, you will not be eligible for a discount.

A lower grade is not expected. We do not guarantee top grades because we are not in the business selling grades. A product is only used as a reference point or model when conducting research. It should not be submitted as part of your work. Refer section/clauses 10, 14 and 16 to see the scope of our products’ use.

We will not be held responsible if the customer claims that an order was delayed while the fact is that payment was delayed as well. A refund is not possible.

Within six months of the transaction date, refunds are possible. We cannot offer a refund if six months have passed from the original transaction date.

We will inform the appropriate authorities if we detect deceit in your request for refund.

If you have received a refund on an order already filed.

If we find out that you have downloaded our product.

If you have used our product in any other way.

Refund requests should be sent via email, messages or representatives. The company will review and approve the request within two business day. The company cannot be held responsible for any Bank Transfer fees, anomalies or delays, as well as any Bank service issues.

Let’s say the customer is unhappy and requests a refund. In that case, the company/administration will conduct an investigation claim that will be approved or denied based on the result of the investigation. We want our customers to be happy. Essaywrites strives to be fair and satisfy customers as best we can.

  • Revisions to Orders

If the customer demonstrates any form of exploitation or blackmail, our Quality Assurance Department (QAD), reserves the right not to allow multiple revisions.

Clients can request to be informed that the paper has been received and that it is not in compliance with their requirements.

If the instructions have not been fully understood, you can request revisions at no cost.

Clients who make any modifications to their instructions will be charged an additional fee.

A customer can request a free revision on a specific order by clicking on “Raise Complaint”, and then clicking on “Request Revision.” After that, the client will write a message explaining why they require a revision. Clients can request a revision at a different date.

Revisions are not valid after 14 days from the date of order completion. Revisions are not accepted for dissertations, theses, research proposals, thesis & dissertation proposal, or chapters. We only accept revisions within 30 days of delivery.

You will need to either place another order for Editing/proofreading if an order is not in compliance with the Free Revisions Policy or pay more to have it revised by the writer.

Our Quality Assurance Department reserves all rights to reject revision requests.

If your revision requests are in compliance with our terms and conditions (clause 6), you will be entitled to free revisions

  • Limitations on the Use of Products

By paying for your order, you automatically agree that the model paper is for personal and non-commercial use. You consent to the possibility that someone may research, plan, edit, and write your model paper. It is accepted time to process your order. This includes marketing, administration, coordination of writing services on the website.

You must not reproduce, distribute or modify the product online (world-wide web), or sell any hardcopy that is beyond the reasonable limit required or worthy of personal use.

After an expert submits a product to the company they give ownership to all products. The company retains the right of claiming its party. The company also retains full copyright rights to the products.

Any digital products that are provided by essaywrites.com can only be used for research purposes. As a company, we own all Intellectual Property and Copyright.

Our products should not be submitted directly to you or any portion thereof for credit. Clients submitting our products as their own work under the pretense of having done it themselves is not supported by us. If you have to use our work, please acknowledge us and cite the work. Our products are not eligible for credit, diploma, or certification at any institution.

  • Paper formats

All papers are formatted according to standard conventions. We write every paper:

  • Double-spaced;
  • 12-point Times New Roman Arial, Calibri or as stated in the rubric.
  • Margin of one inch for top, bottom, left, and right
  • Title and references list/works cited/ references/bibliography pages;
  • About 275 words per webpage
  • MS Word file
  • A separate bibliography page.
  • Citations in-text in APA and MLA in Chicago, Harvard and other formats as outlined in both the order form (and the rubric).
  • Plagiarism

You agree to these terms and conditions when you order or pay on our website.

We won’t allow you to rename our products or submit the work as yours, which would be considered plagiarism.

Our custom-written papers will not be used for any other reasons than those listed under clause 8.4.

Our material will be used as a template paper for you to learn how to create a high-quality paper.

Our products can be used as inspiration in research and writing.

If you paraphrase or cite from our papers, please only use a portion of it.

Respect your university’s plagiarism definition and policy regarding acceptable use of source material.

Our website’s illegal, unethical or wrongful use is not supported by any of our employees, affiliates, representatives or associates. We will not be part of suits, summons, plagiarism claims, poor grades, expulsion, academic collusion claims, loss of scholarships/prizes/grants/recognition/awards/positions, failure or suspension, or legal/disciplinary actions that come with wrongful use of our products.

You are responsible for any disciplinary or legal action if you buy a paper from us.

We reserve the right to cancel our cooperation/agreement with anyone who attempts or passes as their original work.

We cannot give products to third parties. It is also prohibited for us to post our work on any platform.

We reserve the right not to provide any services if we suspect you have distributed our product in an illegal manner.

We are not responsible for any low, poor, insufficient, or zero grades. The sole authority of the tutor, instructor, or professor to grade is to decide. We cannot guarantee grades or refunds for money. Only model papers are written by us to help you get started.

All papers are checked for plagiarism using plagiarism detection software. The work is written from scratch, and chances of plagiarism are meager. If your work is plagiarized, please address the matter with the QAD team for the way forward, such as a free revision/paraphrasing/editing or proofreading.

  • Limitation on Liability

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Company, its officers, directors and shareholders, as well as any affiliates, subsidiaries and advertising, promotion, fulfillment agencies, third-party providers of information or data, legal advisors (“Company’s Associates”), from any damages, rights, claims and losses. Products and related actions, including but not restricted to:

(1) Telephone, electronic, hardware, software, network or email.

(2) failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed, computer transmission;

(3) Any condition that is not within the Company’s control and may result in the Product being delayed, disrupted or corrupted.

(4) Any injuries, losses, and damages of any nature resulting from or in connection with the use of Our services.

(5) Any printing or typographical mistakes in materials that are associated with Our services. Additionally, you agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Company and its Affiliates from any claim or demand by a Third Party due to or arising from Your use of Our services, Your violation of these Terms and Conditions, your violation of rights of a Third party, or any other act of omission.


Essaywrites.com has the right to unilaterally modify these Terms and Conditions. You agree. It is a good idea to review these Terms and Conditions periodically as any changes will be posted in this section.

  1. Privacy and security

We don’t store credit card information and we do not share customer details with third parties. Please see Our Privacy Policy for a complete explanation of the Company’s policies and practices regarding the collection, use and storage of online guests’ information.

  1. Notification Of Changes

Essaywrites.com reserves all rights to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. Continued use of the site is an acceptance of any modification, alteration, tweaking or improvement to these Terms & Conditions. Any changes to our privacy policies will be posted on our Website 30 days before they take effect. To ensure you have the most current information, please read the T&Cs every so often.

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