Terroristic Behavior Law Homework Help


Terroristic Behavior

Part 1 own on paper


In your main post:


· Discuss whether you would consider thetype of information gathered from using the Altemeyer authoritarian test(Altemeyer, 2006) useful in determining motivations of terrorists, considering

· Provide justification for your viewpoint,using assigned readings or other professional and scholarly resources you find.

Part 2 own on paper

CriminalBehavior As Terrorist Actions

Choose a terrorist organization as thebasis for your discussion. You may choose any terrorist organization but beassured that you will find plenty of information by searching the U.S.Department of State Web site for any of these:

· Al-Qaeda.

· Boko Haram.

· ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and theLevant).

· ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria orIslamic State of Iraq and al-Sham).

· The Haqqani Network.


In your main post:

· Identify your chosen organization.

· Provide a description of who you think atypical member terrorist may be with regard to gender, race, age, andsocioeconomic status. Check out the profiles you will see on the NCTC site forspecific details on known terrorists.

· Describe the use of forensic assessmentinformation, penalties, burden of proof, and key players when a terrorist isrecognized as a criminal in our legal system. For insight on this issue, youmight want to search this question, “What happens to terrorists in ourlegal system?”

· Explain your ideas on the causes of thiscriminal behavior . Justify your answers by integrating at least two differentpsychological theories into your explanation.

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