The American Dream in Scott Fitzgerald

The Final Exam is a four-paragraph thematic essay using six primary sources, three in each body paragraph, each paragraph designed around a topical subject, supporting a theme. Create a theme (an interpretive thesis that is proved by evidence from several eras – it can be the theme you’ve been working on for the last writing assignment) and support it using three primary sources from either three different eras or many eras under three different topics. So the format is:

I. Analytical Theme and introduction
II. Body paragraph topic sentence
Discussion of this topic, proven by three primary sources, properly cited.
III. Body paragraph topic sentence
Discussion of this topic, proven by three primary sources, properly cited.
IV. Conclusion. cite all sources fully with artist/author, title, date and live link
all sources must be from the Primary Source Boards (you may add them if you need to, then use it – this makes your source available for others to use too)
paragraphs and examples must be presented in chronological order
bold the theme
italicize the topic sentences



The American Dream in Scott Fitzgerald

The American dream is an ongoing concept that was conceived when American attained Independence America. Since then, it has been a subject of controversy. Even though the American dream is rooted in the idea of hard work and truthful success, and pure Jay Gatsby presents a different perspective as embedded in F. Scott Fitzgerald the Great Gatsby.

In pursuance to the American dream, F. Scott Fitzgerald presents the underlying cause of the unquestionable corruption rooted in greed and materialism in chronological order (Muhammad, Sharjeel and Adeel). This redefinition is attributed to developing the booming credit economy and capitalism. With time the American dream underwent a transformative period and became materialistic (Kimberly). According to his Novel, materialism plunged over the sophisticated system, which gave rise to the social pathologies that negatively affected American society (Anna).

In his works, Scott illustrates the diverse ways middle-class citizens perceive the American dream, coined initially as “that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement” by James Truslow (John). Historically the people believed that the American dream was necessary for living a good and happy life (Scott). However, the citizens were not familiar with the vision of the American dream. Much of the existing knowledge has undergone materialistic changes (Fitzgerald).

Materialism is rooted in so much evil that it negatively affects American society (Sarah). Through his incisive and precise prose, F. Scott Fitzgerald showcases how materialistic changes have shaped the modern American man’s day-to-day lives. (Amanda) The desire to achieve the American dream has forced many to live off debts while others engage in illegal activities (Weebly).

In surmise, although the American dream was in the developmental stage, the rise of the materialistic system contributed to its downfall.

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