The American Gang First Formed In The 1800 S Law Assignment Homework Help

1a) According to Delaney (2013), the American gang first formed in the 1800’s as a means of protection, but its role has grown and shifted since. During the Civil War, gang activity escalated on the streets of New York City, and evolved into the epidemic that contemporary gangs are today. For this week’s class discussion, consider causes for the expansion and the shift in the geographic dominance of gangs. Then respond to the following:

In a clearly labeled main post, in your own words, provide a general description of a gang and its members, and discuss the prevalence of gangs in America.
◦Pick two gangs highlighted in the text, and account for their origin (the gang’s founders, how the gang came to be, etc.)
◦Describe their membership (Initiation, expectations, how the gang is structured, approximate size of the gang etc).
◦Explain the most common types of criminal activity in which the gangs are engaged.
◦What is the level of violence of the gang?
◦What is the gang’s territory (local or nationwide)?

Two Of the gangs or the “Five Point Gang” and Forty Thieves. These are gangs from the text.

Please if using outside text, please remember to use Intext citations as well as have a reference page. Thanks

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