The Day of Laboring

Read the Day Laboring case that can be found in the sixth chapter of the book. Using ethical theories and principles learned in this course, especially distributive justice!!!!, analyze the moral worth of the decisions made in Day Laboring. Also discuss the various options open, and choose the one you think would have been the best. Justify the choice you make using resources from this course.
















The Day of Laboring

Societal crisis erupts from a series of repeated actions such as immigration. As a result, it is imperative to devise laws to govern social crises as soon as they arise while balancing the distribution of rewards and burdens.  For society to thrive, there will always be opposing forces that threaten peaceful coexistence amongst people. Whether internal or external, it is the citizens’ innate responsibility to perceive the most viable solutions to distribute social rights as well as resources across various groups in society (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosopy). The advent of massive influxes of aliens can create skirmishes that blemish the hosts’ morality and intentions. It is morally upright to uphold approaches and efforts that bring out the much needed social equity, cohesiveness, and collaboration from all facets of the organization. Thus, the day of laboring is a perfect illustration of the morality complex that citizens should uphold when faced with pressing issues.

In the contemporary modern world characterized by changing social dynamics, it is imperative to phase out theories that harbor immorality. With the modernized state of little tolerance for diversity, it is practical to create awareness of the rapidly changing social constructs. The local governments should devise frameworks to create awareness of the rapidly changing immigration patterns to create a mutual understanding of the distribution of resources. Alternatively, the government can set aside budgetary allocations to cater to need s of the immigrants without having to interact with the natives. From the proposed action plans creating communication platforms to achieve a consensus is the most suitable option to achieve a moral standing in the highly volatile environment.  Breaking down communication barriers fosters mutual understanding and creates room for peaceful coexistence.

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