The Design And Preparation Of A Policy Brief Research Paper Help

* The Final Exam consists of the design and preparation of a Policy Brief (PB) on a local, national or global issue that students have selected. Students are advised to build on the Mid-Term Research Paper. Students are required to submit a minimum of ten (10) pages with references/sources (only two references can be cited from the internet). Books and Scholarly Publications must be used. Use the library resources. APA formatting should be used for the PB. On the day of the Final Exam.

1.table of contents 

2.abstract(5 sentences) the findings of the research

3.the issues and the one question that you will address in the research paper

4. background info (must be reference APA)

5. Arguments for (must have reference APA)

6.Arguments against (must have reference APA)

7. contradictions

8.personal opinion 

policy recommendation is a set of ideas that address a particular issue with a view of resolving it.

minimum of 10 pages and 8 references 

(no wikipedia)

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