The Differences Between The History And Memory Of The War

History and Memory

Inherent in the study of the past is tension between the way historians interpret it (history) and the way societies remember it (memory—or more specifically collective memory). The latter is not just the sum product of individual memories but is also affected by a nation’s political culture, mass media, and tendency to focus on its own concern to the exclusion of those of other countries.

After reading Mark A. Stoler’s “The Second World War in U. S. History and Memory,” (found in the EBSCOhost database, which is accessible through the Ashford University Library) write a three-page paper (excluding title and reference pages) evaluating , as well as what lessons were learned as a result of the war. Critique Stoler’s analysis, especially his theory regarding the way succeeding generations viewed the war, and explain why you agree or disagree with it. Your paper must have a thesis statement that serves as the main idea of your paper. You may find it useful to contrast the view of the war presented by Stoler (and by the text) with the way the war is treated in movies and on television.

Two sources are required, exclusive of any of those assigned as course readings. At least one of your sources must be scholarly and the other may come from a popular publication but must be relevant to the topic at hand. The paper must be formatted according to APA style.

Additionally, the Turnitin Originality Score must be 20 or lower.

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