The Performance Of Music In A Protestant Service Of Martin Luther Assignment Help

one paragraph for question:

1. How involved do you think the congregation was in the performance of music in a Protestant service of Martin Luther and a Catholic service in the Counter-Reformation? State reasons for your conclusions.

2. Listen to the following musical excerpt, and study the painting that accompanies it. Then consider this conversation between virtual students Roberto, Belinda, and Maggie:Roberto: I believe the music and picture are from the Renaissance period.Belinda: No, the music and picture are from the Baroque period.Maggie: You’re both wrong; the music and picture are by Burgundian artists.

With which virtual student’s statement do you agree? Provide one (1) reason for your choice, which can include why the music and painting are not from one of the other periods mentioned. However, you cannot repeat a reason already posted.Which piece from the assigned listening (in either this module or preceding modules) is most similar in style to this excerpt? Why?

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