The Smart Way To Create A Transparent Workplace Business Strategy Assignment Help   the link to the article

This homework is discussion board. 

Your grade on the weekly discussion forum was based upon how well you provided a comprehensive article critique. Each article is carefully selected to accompany the concepts and principles addressed in the course. Your article critique should contain your personal stance on the article contents and application of terms, concepts, and principles from the chapter reading assignment in a well-drafted and thorough response. Additionally, you are encouraged (not required) to find academic support from sources beyond the text to support your stance. Students who provide substantial and well supported information from various sources typically score higher in the forums.If you choose to use additional sources, you must cite and reference the information. Finally, please make sure you are contributing to the forum by also providing substantial feedback among your peers. Substantial peer feedback can be in the form of providing additional information, asking a probing question, raising an alternative point of view…just to name a few. However, I like to see at least two well- developed paragraphs in response to peer postings. Please review the aforementioned information to ascertain where you might strengthen your discussion board participation.

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