The Types And Standard Parts Of A Paragraph Writing Homework Help

Choose one of the paragraph types below, and write oneparagraph in response to the prompt. Underline your topic sentence, and make your conclusion sentence bold. Use at leastone transition word (Links to an external site.) and italicize it. Your paragraph should be seven to ten sentences long. If you need help with paragraph structure types, please review the lecture:

  • Descriptive (Links to an external site.) Use descriptive details to describe your favorite season.
  • Narrative (Links to an external site.): Narrate a favorite past birthday or holiday experience.
  • Illustrative: Use examples to illustrate the best type of car or dessert, according to you.
  • Process Analysis (Links to an external site.): Discuss the process of constructing a well-written paragraph.
  • Comparative (Links to an external site.) Compare and contrast Target and Wal-Mart or a pro sport with a college sport.
  • Classification (Links to an external site.): Define rock music and its sub-categories.
  • Definition (Links to an external site.): Define a word misused by many people and explain why it is misused or misunderstood and what it means.
  • Cause & Effect (Links to an external site.): Discuss the causes and effects of unhealthy eating habits.
  • Persuasive (Links to an external site.): Persuade your audience of the ultimate vacation destination.

Submission Criteria 
Write your initial response in one paragraph. Your paragraph should be seven to ten sentences long. Your post should be substantive and free of spelling and grammatical errors.

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