The U S Healthcare System Assignment Help

Introduction: Include a titleslide. Next, include an introductory slide where you introduce yourself andexplain what you are about to present.
Part I: The U.S. Healthcare System – Define theU.S. healthcare system by addressing the items below: 

  • Describe the history of theU.S. health care system. Include at least three of the revolutionaryfactors (e.g., teacher’s union in Dallas, Texas; the American MedicalAssociation; Civil War, and the First Marine Hospital, etc.). Chapter twoin our textbook discusses the evolution of our system and is a goodresource for this part of your presentation.
  • Identify at least one majordevelopment from each of the following: financial, legal, ethical,regulatory, and social [i.e., consumer demand]) that transformed thesystem into what it is today. You may want to revisit the health caretimelines available in your course textbook.   
  • Differentiate thestakeholders and their roles (i.e., health care professionals, clients[patients], government, colleges, and health care agencies.
    • Include thepositive and negative contributions of how they affect our health caresystem.

Part II: The Cost of the U.S. HealthcareSystem 

  • Describe the costs and howthey are set (i.e., reimbursement methods, managed care organizations,Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance).
  • Explain how technology hasaffected costs (e.g., EHR, medical research, equipment improvements likeMRI, mammography, etc.) and delivery of quality care (e.g., personalizedmedicine, mobile services like ePrescribing, disease registries, etc.).

Part III: The United States Versus Other HealthCare Systems—an International Perspective

  • Contrast the U.S. health caresystem with at least one other (e.g., Canada’s universal health care vs.U.S. healthcare or South Africa vs. U.S. health care, etc.).
    • Include atleast one positive aspect from the other country’s health care systemthat you would like to see added to the U.S. healthcare system. Explainwhy you would like to see this in our system.

Part IV: Reforms and Improvements

  • Describe any potentialreforms and improvements that are currently being discussed at either thelocal, state, or federal level. Your work must be based upon scholarly research,not media commentary.
    • Examplescould include the following:
      • Federalmodifications (i.e., Medicare reform, repealing PPACA, universal typesystem, etc.)
      • Statemodifications(i.e., Medicaid reform, income tax credits, etc.)
      • Increasedconsumer controls

Note: The PPACA is not an appropriate reform orimprovement to be described here because it is already law and not a futureimprovement. However, if there is a proposal to amend or eliminate, then youcan include that potential reform.

Conclusion:Future of the U.S. healthcare system

  • Explain what you believe theU.S. healthcare system will look like in the next 10 years. Give at leasttwo recommendations for change.
  • Address access to care,quality of care, and cost of care including an example of each in yourvision of our future healthcare system.

Creating the FinalPresentation
The Final Presentation must:Be 15 to 20 slides, which includes Part 1,(excludes the title slide and reference slides) and formatted according to APAstyle

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