To What Extent Has Globalization Changed The Nature Of Diplomacy Political Science Homework Help

Choose two questions and write only the structure ( the essay plan) , so I can send them to my teacher and he can approve on of them or instructme to amend some points to make sure am going in the right path then I will post that question for you to start writingafter his approval.

1. To what extent has globalisationchanged the nature of diplomacy? I recomand this question and you feel freeto choose the second one

2. Explain the continuing relevanceof Cardinal Richelieu to the conduct of Diplomacy.

3. ‘The Ministry of Foreign Affairsis an increasing irrelevance in the contemporary international system.’ Do youagree with this statement?

4. To what extent do you agree withthe argument that the Thatcher government was responsible for the outbreak ofthe Falkland Islands War?

5. Does successful diplomacy dependon ‘ripeness’? Discuss with reference to three case studies.

6. What is the main reason thatmakes it so difficult to negotiate effective environmental agreements?

7. Critically examine theeffectiveness of public diplomacy in the contemporary international system.

8. What is the central reason forthe continued survival of the resident embassy?

In one pagewrite the structure based  on answeringthe following questions:

1- Argument – what is your answer to the set question? (what did i understand from the question?? Illustrate the mainargument??)

2- My Position/ view supported by arguments .

3- Case studies –what are you going to look at to support yourargument? What cases ?

4- Sources – what articles and books have you looked at?

So in total I needtwo structure (each structure one page ), after the approval , il hand the workto you again to proceed with one of the questions,  with the same articles and research that you alreadymade . any clarifications please send me before you start to make it clear?

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