Training Managment Quiz 1 Multiple Choice Help

Question 1

Training designprocesses should be rigid and not flexible.

True or false 


Treating employeesdifferently based on their age, such as only inviting younger employees toattend training or development programs, can result in adverse legalconsequences.

True or false

Question 3

In a learningorganization, improvements in product or service quality stop when formaltraining is completed.

True or false 


Training anddevelopment courses are found in psychology departments at colleges anduniversities.

True or false 


Tacit knowledge tendsto be the primary focus of formal training and employee development.

True or false 

Question 6

Quality circles referto teams that are separated by time, geographic distance, culture, and/ororganizational boundaries and that rely almost exclusively on technology tointeract and co

True or false 

Question 7

The core value of_____ is the prevention of the occurrence of errors in a product or servicerather than detection and correction.




Question 8

According to the ASTDcompetency model, foundational competencies are used to a different extent ineach role or specialization by training and development professionals.

True or false 

Question 9

_____ refer to teamsthat are separated by time, geographic distance, culture, and/or organizationalboundaries and that rely almost exclusively on technology to interact andcomplete their projects.



SixSigma teams

Adhoc teams

Question 10

Companies separatetraining from the human resource function because it allows the trainingfunction to be decentralized.

True or false 

Question 11

Which of the followingstatements is true of the Instructional System Design (ISD) model?

Thereis a single universally accepted instructional systems development model.

Themodel rarely follows a neat, orderly, step-by-step approach of activities.

Themodel eliminates the need for trainers to provide detailed documents of eachactivity found in the model.

Themodel has no underlying assumptions.

Question 12

_____ capital refersto the sum of the attributes, life experiences, knowledge, inventiveness,energy, and enthusiasm that the company’s employees invest in their work.





Question 13

The ADDIE model ismost closely associated with:

employeetraining and development.


employee recruitment and selection.


Question 14

_____ involves highlytrained employees known as Champions, Master Black Belts, Black Belts, andGreen Belts.



InstructionalSystem Design


Question 15

_____ refers to theprocess of moving jobs from the United States to other locations in the world.





Question 16

Which of the followingstatements is true of training?

Thereporting relationship between human resource management and the trainingfunction is standard across companies.

Includingtraining as part of the human resource function allows the training function tobe decentralized to better respond to unique needs in different business units.

Organizationaldevelopment professionals are seldom responsible for training.

For training anddevelopment to succeed, employees, managers, training professionals, and topmanagers all have to take ownership.

Question 17

The fifth step in thetraining design process is to develop an evaluation plan that involvesidentifying:

anappropriate training method.

therequirements for training.

employeeswith motivation and basic skills.

thetypes of outcomes training is expected to influence.

Question 18

Which of the followingis true of tacit knowledge?

Itis easily codified and transferred from person-to-person.

Formulasand definitions are examples of tacit knowledge.

Formaltraining and development programs limit the extent to which tacit knowledge canbe acquired.

It cannot be sharedthrough employee personal interactions with peers, colleagues, and experts.

Question 19

A(n) _____ is anexample of tacit knowledge.





Question 20

There is not oneuniversally accepted instructional systems development model.

True or false 

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