Transitioning To Adulthood Psychology Homework Help

Thisweek’s discussion will focus on the role of the IEP in meeting the requirements set forth inIDEA to assist a child with disabilities as they transition from secondaryeducation services. You will explore some programs that successfully meet theseneeds and discuss the components that are important for developing goals forexceptional needs children as they transition from high school and work towarda better quality of life. Make every effort to complete the readings beforehandso that you may be able discuss the following:

1. Why should post-schooloutcomes drive educational programming for secondary students withdisabilities? Every student has different wishes and wants to do the variousthings when they are done with their education.

2. Why isself-determination so important to the success of students with disabilities topostsecondary education?

3. How can teachers helpschool-age children with disabilities achieve satisfying recreation and leisureas adults?

4. How will the informationabout serving children with exceptionalities, discussed throughout this term, applyto your overall career goals?

You should create your Seminar responses in MS Word using APA format andcite all references used. Your response to the questions should be composed incomplete sentences and paragraphs and be 300–350 words in length

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