Tu Horario Spanish Project Help

For this project, you will need to describe your classes and school day. First, create a table with your classes and times using the Spanish you’ve learned in this section. Then create an audio file in which you describe in Spanish what you do and what you use in your classes. Be sure to utilize your ordinal numbers and vocabulary from this unit.  Your project should represent your complete school schedule.

Don’t do the Audio! Just do the rest of the Information 

What is your school year like? You probably begin classes around the end of August or beginning of September and go until the end of May or into June, right? Though this varies from country to country, the typical school calendar will go from September until late June. Students generally have about three weeks for vacation at Christmas time and then a one-week or two-week break at Easter (Semana Santa).

Also, in Spanish-speaking countries it is customary for the students to call their teachers Profesora González or Maestra Martínez instead of “Señora” or “Señor.” Though a professional relationship is maintained, using “Señora” or “Señor” is extremely formal. Teachers are never called by their first names.  Teachers may be “profesores” or “maestros”. Likewise, students are “estudiantes” or “alumnos.”

The school day in a Spanish-speaking country is organized differently than yours. Many times, the students do not change rooms–the teachers do. The students usually do not have lockers since they stay in the same room throughout the day.

Generally, the students have a specific plan of study and they do not have a great deal of choice about what courses they take.

Though it varies from country to country, most schools require their students to begin learning their first foreign language in grade school and by the time they are 12 or 13 years old, they begin taking their second foreign language class.

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