Unit 4 Assignment 3 Writing The Business Dilemma Management Homework Help

Unit 4 Assignment 3: Writing the Business Dilemma

It is time to write about the business dilemmas identified within your internship organization. Once you identify the problems and opportunities related to each of the course outcomes within the organization, it is important to formalize the identified problems/opportunities into a professional discussion known as a Business Dilemma.

  1. Leadership
  2. Training
  3. Communication
  4. Time Management

To successfully complete this Assignment, execute the following requirements:

  • Read Unit 4 in the Internship Handbook (Attached), to familiarize yourself about the intricacies of formally writing the business dilemma section of your Final Project business case about your internship organization.
  • Write a 1,200 word (minimum) APA style formatted essay by continuing the protagonist situation narrative developed in your business case vignette.
  • Create an outline to control the flow of your writing for your reader.
  • Conduct an analysis to identify the root cause of one problem/opportunity related to each course outcome within your internship organization.
  • Use critical thinking to explain the root cause of each problem/opportunity, resulting in the actualization of a business dilemma per course outcome.
  • Use a minimum of six (6) peer-reviewed references to connect practice to theory. Use one reference per course outcome, minimum.
  • Write in third person, and remember, the story is about the organization. It is not about you! You are the narrator of this story.
  • Apply proper APA style format and referencing structure.
  • Use the Grading Rubric under Course Home for this Assignment to ensure your success.

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