UnPLUG EC Reflection Letter Writing Homework Help

i have two assignments i need you write them in separate word doc 

the first assignment :

Review this link http://www.lifehack.org/327229/this-what-happens-when-you-disconnect-for-24-hours

Follow the attached instructions( the file called UnPLUG EC.docx), please know that i am international students and am single and an studying in US.

the second assignment:

i need u to write a reflection letter

first see the purpose of this assignment in this file ( called The Story behind the Reflection Letter.docx)

then see the instruction in this file ( called Week 15 TSEM Reflection Letter & Rubric.docx),

and just to know that i am freshman and next semester i will start to take major classes, and if you need other info about me that it should be in the reflection letter, tell me


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