Update The Company Name To International Travel Company Excel Assignment Help

For this module’s assignment you focus on the integration ofMicrosoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Going back to our travel project inModule 07 you created a PivotTable that provided us with the travelersthat have a balance due greater than or equal to $2000. The managementteam would like to see your results.

Using the Professional DesignMemo template in Microsoft Word, create a memo to your employer whichprovides them with the travelers that have a balance due greater than orequal to $2000. In doing so, be sure to address the followingrequirements listed below.


  1. Open a New Word Document and Chose the Professional Design Memo Template
  2. Update the Company Name to International Travel Company
  3. Update the values of the To, CC, From, and Date
  4. Update the Re: to be “Statistics from Recent Balance Due Inquiry
  5. The title of your Template should be Travelers with >=$2000 Balance Due
  6. Include a short explanation of the details that you are providing to your employer in the body of the text
  7. Integrate the PivotTable created in Module 7 into the Memo

The attachment is the way it suppose to look.

If you need anything else let me know

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