US Based Company Is Using More And More Teams And Team Management Within The Organization And There Has Been Some Employee Resistance To The Concept

I need everyone’s input how should this be written up and I will do the powerpoint 🙂

You and your class team members are part of a problem-solving group at your organization.  Your US-based company is using more and more teams and team management within the organization, and there has been some employee resistance to the concept, some very negative things said, and the process doesn’t seem to be going well.  It has had the unintended side effect of creating social loafing, which is adding to the problem.  

Your division VP has asked your group to research and prepare a powerpoint (5-8 slides) to be presented to the division managers on “Turning Individuals into Team Players”.  He would like the managers to know  1) why the concept is being resisted, 2) what managers can (and should) do to help employees embrace a team approach and 3) when is using teams not the best idea?   Please use your last slide to cite your references.

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